Light bulbs for the True Believer.

Science can be a real pain in the ass for a True Believer™. All those “theories” based on “evidence” when all you really need in life is faith that God will provide. It can be pretty galling having to purchase products based on a “scientific” understanding of the world. That’s why we here at SEB Technologies have been combing the world for Faith Based products that we can sell to the True Believers™ who want an alternative to science-based products.

Thus we are proud to offer the world’s first Science-Free Light Bulbs!

Pic of Science Free Light Bulbs

Just screw 'em in and pray!

These bulbs are created using the latest non-scientific understanding of light. Not only are they 100% science-free, but they’ll also lower your utility bill as they do not use any electricity at all! These bulbs are 100% powered by pure faith! So long as you believe enough that they will work then they will! Note: Failure of these bulbs to illuminate is a sign of weakness of the spirit and a sure sign that you need to get right with God!

So if you’re sick of having to rely on “science” to keep you out of the dark then suffer no longer! Now you can have 100% science-free lighting in your home! These are truly the last light bulbs you will ever need to buy!